Welcome to a new level of healing and transformation.

Restore and enhance the natural balance of body, mind and spirit
Awaken to who you truly are and open to your greatest potential
Accelerate your evolution and expand your consciousness

Services Provided

Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® (RH) is a globally recognized new level of healing using fifth-dimensional frequencies of energy, light, and information. These frequencies allow for healing on many levels.

The Reconnection®

Benefits of The Reconnection® may include:

  • Life path acceleration
  • Greater clarity
  • Expanded intuitive abilities
  • Expanding consciousness
  • Greater sense of calm and peace even in challenging situations
  • Challenges from the past have dissipated
  • Healing of diseases/physical challenges

Distance Healing

The same healing benefits of a Reconnective Healing® in person session can be received at a distance. The Reconnective Healing® frequencies transcend time and space and can reach you anywhere in the world. Science has shown that, unlike energy healing, which becomes weaker with distance, these frequencies do not weaken with distance but actually can become stronger.

Therapeutic Massage

Kathie Camp has been a professional massage therapist since 1983. She has extensive training in numerous therapeutic massage and bodywork modalities. Her main focus over the years has been working with clients experiencing pain/chronic pain due to stress, injury or illness.

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